Easy synchronizing with
ASPM - 110 / SASPM - 110

Fast drying using hot air circulation

Temperature sensor for monitoring the dryers set temperature
Auto loading & dropping of container into basket
Tube axial blower for efficient delivery of air
Insulated body for heat loss prevention
Modular unit for future expansion as per drying cycle time
Air filter for dust free air
No. of baskets Approximately 130 for standard conveyor.
Additional baskets can be provided in
multiples of 65 baskets approximately
Blower fan 1 Hp (Continuous) 3ph 440 V AC.
Heater 6 kw
Drive Drive from printing machine
For independent (optional) 1 Hp-3ph-440V AC geared motor
Weight Approximate 700 kg
Dimensions L X W X H (MM) 3500 X 600 X 3000
Due to continuous development specifications are subjected to change without notice.
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