Space saving & economical

Built in air inflating system for thin walled containers to maintain rigidity of the container

Accurate registration for multicolor printing
Manual loading & unloading
Micro adjustment for screen positioning in X, Y & Z axis
Quick change over with easy adjustments in a short time
Selection of paddle manual cycle with inching facility
Optional round or flat (container) printing attachment
Ideal for printing wide mouth container, drums, Jerry cans and flat objects
Container Dimension Minimum Diameter - 50 mm
Maximum Diameter - 150 mm
Maximum Container Size
L X W X H (MM) 350 x 300 x 200
Maximum Printing Length 450 mm (circumference) 300 mm
Maximum Printing Width 200 mm (Cylindrical straight length) 200 mm
Container Registration Drive 1/10 FHP 1ph 230 V 1400 RPM geared motor
Main Drive 0.5 Hp - 3ph/1ph, 440V/230V AC-Geared Motor
Container Registration Drive 1/10-FHP 3ph 230V 1400 RPM geared motor  
Pneumatic Pressure 6 Kg/cm2  
Impression per Hour* (Maximum) 1800 800
Machine weight (approx.) in kg 150 kg  
Machine dimension L x W x H (MM) 1500 x 700 x 1750  
* Depends on container size, ideal setting condition and operator efficiency.
Due to continuous development specifications are subjected to change without notice.

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